Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Life

The law of attraction is regarded as one among the ancient principles of life that are still at work up to today. In its simplest definition, it is expressed as 'like begets like'. This simply means that our life is the total sum of our thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and actions. It states that whatever thoughts and attitudes occupy our minds most of the time are bound to manifest as physical reality. Therefore, we tend to attract whatever we think about constantly. For instance, when you get angry in the morning, it's most likely that the entire day will go south. This spoiling of the day is attributed to what we attracted in the morning when we got angry. Read on  The Secret history

The law has been shown to be largely true in scientific tests carried out by various bodies. This is because though precedes any action. For any action to take place, it must be planned first. So whatever is planned or dwelt upon in the mind is bound to happen, not by some supernatural intervention, but as a logical consequence of these thoughts and plans. The law of attraction has been popularized by the finding of the book 'The Secret' which has acted as the reference material for this principle. 

A commitment to the law of attraction in life has been shown to yield positive results, essentially allowing the person practicing it get virtually anything they want out of life. This normally requires that the person keeps a careful watch over their thought patterns as well as what they dream about. Applying the law of attraction to life simply consists of three steps.

These include asking, feeling and giving. Asking involves the desire to have something. Definitely, you won't get something unless you really want it first. This sets in motion the process of owning that particular thing. At this point, you are expected to list down everything that comes to mind as what you desire to find in life.

The next step is to feel. In this step, you start feeling as if whatever you desire is already yours. This is where you channel your thoughts, emotions, and feelings to a positive direction of expectancy. When you do this, the universe starts listening to the thoughts that you constantly project and starts manifesting them.  

The last step in this process is to give. This completes the law of attraction. This works on the principle that giving more opens an opportunity for you to get more. So, whatever you have in life, once you give out, more will come to you. And since you have whatever you desired in the second step, you are encouraged to give it out to those around you.